Intramuscular Injection

Intramuscular Injection Procedure Nursing Responsibility

Intramuscular injection procedure are used commonly in Hospitals and Clinics, we are providing Latest Information about How to give IM Injection

Definition of Intramuscular Injection

Intramuscular Injection is Technique used by Registered Nurse Practitioner, it is Introducing Medication in to Muscles Tissues through Needle in Different sites,

Intramuscular Injections Sites,

  1. Ventro Gluteal  Muscle,
  2. Dorso Gluteal Muscle,
  3. Deltoid muscles,
  4. Vastus laterials,

Purposes of Intramuscular Injection,

  • To introduce drugs into the muscular tissue for quick absorption.
  • When the clients are unable to take Medicine orally.
  • When oral medications are contraindicated.
  • When Medication available form of Injectable I,g. Vaccines,

Contra Indication for IM Injection

Intramuscular Injections Contra Indicated in the Following Clients with

  1. Shock,
  2. Edema,
  3. After Thrombolytic Therapy,
  4. During Mayo Cordial Infraction,
  5. Impaired Coagulation Mechanism,

Equipment Used for Injections Procedure

Trolley or Tray containing:

  • Sterile container with Disposable syringes and Disposable needles in Different Sizes,(packages of sterile disposable syringe and needles).
  • Bottle with distilled water or distilled water ampoule’s.
  • Bottle with methylated spirit 70%.
  • Cotton Swab,
  • Gauze Piece,
  • Surgical Gloves,

Drug Ordered

  • Ampule file
  • Kidney tray with paper bag
  • A bowl with pad and clean water in lower shelf.
  • Needle Crusher (or) container with 1% Hypo chlorate solution.
Intramuscular Injection Nursing Procedure
  • Identify Client with UHID Number, Client Name Age, Gender, Diagnosis,
  • Make patient comfortable Position,
  • Explain the procedure to the patient what you are going to do,
  • Check for Physician orders e.g. Dosage, Root of Administration, Frequency of Dose,
  • Collect the medicine cards and drugs from the designated place.
  • Check for Expiry Date and Color and Any Packing Damage or Transport Damage,
  • Arrange them in order of administration on the injection trolley.
  • Bring the trolley or tray to the bed side.
  • Keep the client in position.
  • Hand Wash and dry hands.
  • Pick up the cotton swab and wet with spirit.
  • Open the syringe container and pick up the syringe and fix needle on the syringe.
  • Close the syringe container.
  • Fix needle firmly on to the syringe and check for its patency.
  • Wipe the top of medicine vial with spirit swab and leave it dry.
  • Introduce the Draw needle into the medicine vial and draw required amount of medicine into the syringes.
  • Change the Needle ,
  • Take the syringe to the client, identify the client Name Diagnosis,
  • Locate the Intra Muscular Injection site Check for any Previous Needle Pricks or Skin Lesions,
  • Clean the area with spirit swabs at least 1 inch diameter using circular movements from center to peripheral,
  • Stretch skin and thrust needle quickly at 90o to the site,
  • Withdraw the plunger make sure that needle is not in the blood vessel before injecting.
  • Inject medicine slowly, withdraw syringe supporting the area with cotton ball and massage the area.
  • Discard the cotton ball into the paper bag.
  • Put the patient in comfortable position.
  • Record the exact time of medication administration on the patient’s ticket.
  • Clean syringe and needle and put back in the container when all syringes are used up.


  • If you are drawing the medicine from the vial inject equal amount of air into the vial before drawing the medication.
  • When drawing the medicine from the ampule see that the bevel of needle should completely immersed in the medication.
  • If drug is in the ampule break the ampule and keep ready before picking up of syringe.
  • If the client is emaciated, hold the muscles together to prevent damage to the underlying bones.
  • Check the medicine three times before administration.

Nursing Alert;

No more than 5ml Medication should be Injected into a single site for an Adult Client well- developed

If you Must inject more than 5ml of Medication,





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